KimAileen White

Kim became the new owner of Face2Face in August 2018. A Career Strategist with 30 years of extensive experience providing Job Transition support to hundreds of job seekers across the U.S. and abroad, Kim is more than passionate about helping people figure out their purpose in life and then "going for it".   

A 12-year veteran of facilitating a successful, weekly Job Transition program in Andover, MN, Kim has a unique style of job search that focuses on the the jobseeker as a whole person, establishing achievable goals, identifying job search strategies, and implementing unique tactics for each job seeker's individual success.   

Kim is a member of both the National and the MN Career Development Associations, and she is a member of MN Recruiters as well as the national Society of Human Resource Management. She surrounds herself and interacts extensively with people in businesses who make hiring decisions. 

Because unplanned job-transition is often traumatic and can cause extreme stress for individuals, family members, former co-workers and the greater community at large, Kim pursued and completed a graduate program in Psychological Therapy and Counseling and is a member in good standing of the American Counseling Association. 

Kim also has a 10-year corporate background.  Medtronic and Phillips Respironics are just two of the major corporations where Kim developed comprehensive business plans that included market development, new product positioning, and product launches. On the fun side, Kim holds a patent in the toy and game industry. In 2016 she was invited by the CEO of the National Institute of Social Media to author a chapter in the book "Advice from Marketing Professionals for Marketing Professionals" addressing the value of using social media for job search. 

Kim is active in several local professional business networks which keep her current on the issues facing our local and national economies, new business start-ups, and established companies and micro-businesses. 

Finally, Kim has a Law Enforcement Degree that she applied in the early stages of her Career Exploration and Personal Job Transition business. To gain unique experience as a way to address the more harsh struggles some job seekers experience while in transition, Kim spent 8 years developing curriculum for and teaching students at the Roseville Adult Basic Education Career Center, the Anoka County Juvenile Center, and Crown University. The focus of all three programs included helping gang members and individuals without a positive outlook for their futures enter and re-enter the workforce in healthy, sustaining, productive career tracks--with a hope for their futures.  Today she uses these skills, along with her education and extensive experience to provide Customized Employee Outplacement Programs for companies that must acknowledge and prepare for the potentials of Workplace Violence during employee job terminations. 

A military spouse for 26 years, Kim has a reputation for not "whitewashing" unemployment situations. She holds job seekers accountable and expects people to work intentionally on their futures. And, Kim has a unique outlook on job-search that is filled with compassion for each individual's situation. 

Come to this month's Face2Face meeting. Meet Kim. She'll challenge you, teach you, and she'll inspire you to give all you have to strategically move into a new situation that enhances your career and helps you to live your life to its fullest.

Weston Roper

Wes  became a principal of Face2Face working with the program's founder, Joanne Meehl in 2016.

Like Joanne and Kim, Wes is a veteran of supporting individuals in job transition with his own focus of expertise and support.

In a fundamental stage of his own career growth, Wes bore the title of Electrical Engineer [MSEE] where he spent 15+ years leading the design of new products and facilitating functional changes to both analog and mixed-signal circuitry within a Fortune 100 company. In this role, Wes developed hands-on leadership and management strengths associated with supplying budget-sensitive product builds, highly-technical product documentation, and regulatory-controlled equipment for the Department of Defense. In this capacity, he sharpened his awareness of the career and job-transition challenges unique to high-tech markets. Today, in addition to working with most personality types and occupational backgrounds, Wes is a stand-out resource for people entering, transitioning within, and leaving high-tech employment situations.  

Like Joanne and Kim, Wes's own career track has included personally-driven and intentionally "other-focused" life fulfillment.

Today, fulfilling his his own self-charted career track, Wes does franchise consulting for FranNet. He works with individuals who have the drive and determination to navigate their own levels of business independence to become new franchised business owners. 

As he comes across people who are in transition but who are not pursuing business independence, Wes works to help job seekers find and use resources necessary for them to reach their employment goals. One of his greatest assets to job seekers is his comprehensive network of business professionals that scans the globe in a vast selection of business markets. Wes is uniquely gifted in helping people reach out to one another with the intent of sharing resources to the others' benefit.

In addition to his leadership role in Face2Face, Wes serves on the board of directors for the Smiling and Dialing Club, an exclusive 30-year program for business executives. He is also actively involved in the leadership and career guidance of participants of the Grace Church Crossroads Career Network. Both of these programs serve participants in the greater St. Paul-Minneapolis region.

Introduce yourself to Wes at the next Face2Face meeting. If he and his extensive network aren't already one of your own job-search resources, make sure you invite him into yours. You don't want to ever overlook the help Wes is ready and waiting to provide to you.

Joanne Meehl, Face2Face Founder

Joanne brought this unique job search and networking group to Minnesota from Boston in 2008. Her job search coaching practice is based in Minneapolis and serves a US-wide audience. Her site offers an array of tools for those in job search.

Don't miss Joanne's articles on LinkedIn.com. 

Joanne is also a member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council, and is also a contributor to Forbes.com.