MEETINGS: Maple Grove Community Center | Monthly - 1st Thursday | 10:30am-12:30pm


Joanne Meehl, Face2Face Founder and Previous Owner

 Joanne brought this unique job search and networking group to Minnesota from Boston in 2008. Her job search coaching practice is based in Minneapolis and serves a US-wide  audience. Her site offers an array of tools for those in job search.

Don't miss Joanne's articles on LinkedIn.

Joanne is also a member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council, and a contributor to

Keep an eye out for visits by Joanne as she presents her wealth of job-search knowledge and wisdom to Face2Face job seekers throughout 2019.

KimAileen White, Face2Face New Owner and Program Facilitator

Kim accepted ownership of Face2Face in August 2018. A 12-year veteran of supporting individuals in job search, Kim facilitated a weekly job transition strategies and tactics network program in Andover, MN between 2006 and 2018.  She has over 30 years of extensive experience providing Job Transition support to hundreds of job seekers across the U.S. and abroad, in combination with extensive experience gained consulting for several companies (including employment at Minnesota's leading, Fortune 100 Medical Device company, where she was introduced to and developed broad skills in marketing product management) very early in her career.  

Kim holds and has extensively used a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management, a Law Enforcement Degree, and a Graduate Degree in Psychological Counseling and Therapy.  All of Kim's education and experience, along with living in Far East Asia and working in the timber industry of the Cascade Mountains, are put to use every time she interacts with someone in job transition.

As part of Kim's commitment to coming alongside people in job transition, Kim is a member of several national and regional professional HR, Job Recruitment, Sales, and Business Development organizations. She is also an author/educator/speaker and was previously an adjunct professor for Crown University. She ran the Career Center for the Adult Basic Education program of Roseville, MN schools and has written and taught curricula for transitioning juvenile offenders back into the greater community and into sustainable employment.

Kim is a disruptive ground-breaker. Come meet her as she facilitates Face2Face meetings, and check out her background at LinkedIn, and at Whitestone Personal and Professional Marketing which is now the parent company of Face2Face.

Weston Roper, Face2Face Program Facilitator

Wes began working with and assisting Joanne Meehl in facilitating Face2Face meetings in 2016. 

Like Joanne and Kim, Wes is a veteran of supporting individuals in job transition with his own focus of expertise and support.  In addition to his leadership role in Face2Face, Wes serves on the Board of Directors for the Smiling and Dialing Club, an exclusive 30-year program for business executives in transition. He is also actively involved in the leadership and career guidance of participants of the Grace Church Crossroads Career Network

In a fundamental stage of his own career growth, Wes bore the title of Electrical Engineer [MSEE] where he spent 15+ years leading the design of new products and facilitating functional changes to product in a Fortune 100 company. In this role, Wes developed hands-on leadership and management strengths associated with highly-regulation organizations including the Department of Defense.  Today, in addition to working with most personality types and occupational backgrounds, Wes is a stand-out resource for people entering, transitioning within, and leaving high-tech employment situations.  

Wes works to help job seekers find and use resources necessary for them to reach their employment goals. One of his greatest assets to job seekers is his comprehensive network of business professionals that scans the globe in a vast selection of business markets.  

Introduce yourself to Wes at the next Face2Face meeting. If he and his extensive network aren't already one of your own job-search resources, make sure you invite him into yours. You don't want to ever overlook the help Wes is ready and waiting to provide to you.  In the meantime, check out Wes' LinkedIn profile for more information about him and his current venture as a franchise consultant for FranNet.