Connecting Business Leaders in Transition Face2Face

Developed exclusively for job seekers, Face2Face is a unique program that allows current and future business leaders to meet and initiate peer relationships with other professionals from a variety of business environments.

Regularly-scheduled monthly meetings provide participants opportunities to develop new or expand on rusty communications skills, gain hands-on and immediately accessible job search resources, and have opportunities to build and grow professional relationships and expand their professional networks.

A New Face at

There’s a new smile to greet and lead you at Face2Face, but it’s a face that’s not new to supporting individuals in job transition, or to guiding those making strategic career choices for the long- and short-term future.

KimAileen White, MA

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Committed to Individuals and
Businesses in Transition

Career Strategies

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30 years of experience providing specialized, wrap-around job search support to individuals in job transition

12 years’ facilitation experience leading a weekly job transition program in the northern Twin Cities metro

Assisted hundreds of people and continues to provide extensive, state-of-the-art support to the development of personalized career tracks as well as assisting job seekers with strategies and tactics used in acquiring employment

Origins and Growth

Joanne Meehl,  Founder

Joanne brought Face2Face, designed exclusively for managers and leaders in job transition, to the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro in 2008 where it has since become a staple job search networking service. Today, Joanne continues to grow her job search and support business and serves a U.S. wide audience through her website:

Follow Joanne on LinkedIn where she has built her professional reputation and regularly posts as one of social media’s thought leaders. Joanne is also published regularly at where she is a member of the invitation-only Forbes Coaches Council.

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